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HP se apunta a los weblogs

Computerworld publica la noticia de que HP experimenta con los weblogs. Hewlett-Packard inauguró hace un par de semanas una sección de blogs.

«Hewlett-Packard Co. has become the latest IT vendor to dip its toes in the wild world of weblogging, or blogging. Over the past few weeks, a handful of developers in the company's software development group have quietly begun publishing their regular musings on technical issues such as service-oriented architectures and XML. But the company is now showing signs of following competitors like Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. and opening up its blogging efforts to a wider range of employees. HP's blog experiment was launched Nov. 8 as a way to better communicate with the technical community»

De esta forma, HP se une a otras grandes empresas, como Sun, Macromedia y Microsoft. Y no es de extrañar, porque desde sus Information Dynamic Labs han partido algunos estudios interesantísimos sobre redes sociales y blogs (por ejemplo, Implicit Structure and Dynamics of Blogspace).